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How to Get Rid of Vapers Tongue

Vapers tongue is something that pretty much any vaper who vapes the same flavour of vape juice every day will eventually deal with. Some might not notice it’s happening and others will feel like their vape is losing flavour and wonder why. The reason this happens is simple: when you expose your taste buds to the same flavour over and over, they start to get used to the flavour and you need more of it to experience the same level of taste. Science calls this phenomenon “olfactory fatigue” but it’s also known as odour fatigue, nose blindness and olfactory adaptation. It happens when you’re exposed to a particular odour (like the vapour from your favourite vape juice) for a prolonged period. Your body is basically adapting so that it doesn’t bother you, only the problem in this case is that you don’t want it to adapt because you actually enjoy what you’re tasting and smelling.

How do you Know if You Have Vapers Tongue?

There’s not any particular way to really know that you have vapers tongue. It’s just a feeling that you get. If you feel like your vape juice is losing taste and that it’s not as strong as you remember it being, you might have vapers tongue. If the vape juice is really old then it might just be nearing expiration or have already expired, but if your vape juice is new and there’s nothing wrong with your vape then vapers tongue might be what you’re experiencing.

To know if it’s vapers tongue, do this first:

  • Check your vape to make sure the wick and coils are good. If they’re not, replace them.
  • Check the expiration date on your vape juice and visually inspect it to determine if the juice has gone bad.
  • Try vaping a different flavour of juice to see if tastes the way you expect it to.

If your vape is good, your juice is good and you can taste other flavours just fine then you might have been stricken with vapers tongue. Luckily, there are things you can do to deal with it.

How do you Get Rid of a Vaper Tongue?

There’s more than one way to fix vapers tongue. But there’s an even better way to deal with it and that’s to never have it. How do you avoid vape tongue? Easy, keep switching flavours regularly so you’re not overexposing your tongue to the same flavour. You could try vaping tobacco vape juice in the morning and follow it up with spearmint juice in the afternoon, and then cap off the night with a nice dessert-flavoured juice like vanilla or creme brulee. One of the tricks to this proposed flavour rotation is the inclusion of mint in the rotation to break things up. This helps because mint juices act like a reset for your tongue, wiping your palate clean and allowing you to enjoy whatever flavour comes next.

If you’ve already lost your sense of taste, you can try these tricks to fix your vapers fatigue:

  • Cleanse your palate with a strong flavour of vape juice like menthol.
  • Drink some water.
  • Chew some fresh mint.
  • Use some mouthwash.
  • Clean your tongue using a tongue scraper or toothbrush.
  • Wait for it to go away.
  • Exercise.
  • Drink some coffee.

Eventually, your vapers tongue is likely to go away on its own. You don’t actually have to do anything other than wait. But if you want to get back in the game fast then you can try the tricks above to find what works for you.

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