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Which Vape Juice is Best? Find the Answer Here

There are a lot of vape juices floating around Australia. Some are good. Others not so much. Which juice is best? That’s a great question and one that we will answer. Of course, keep in mind that our answer only constitutes our personal preference for juice and your preference may differ from ours, however, one thing is for certain when we answer this question: our pick is high-quality, premium vape juice from a reputable company.

The Best High-Quality Vape Juice on the Market

The vape juice brand that wears the crown, the king of juice, is Vaper Empire. Unlike some of the juice that’s made its way into Australia from countries like China where regulations don’t require e-juice manufacturers to follow strict rules to ensure product quality and safety, the juice they make is manufactured in compliance with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

TPD-Compliant E-Liquid

The TPD legislation, which covers nicotine vaping products and traditional tobacco products, is designed to help ensure that products like vape juice are made in a way that helps ensure consumers are protected. TPD-compliant vape juice that contains nicotine is legally required to undergo emission testing in a certified laboratory or cleanroom. This helps ensure that the nicotine strength printed on the packaging and label is accurate, which researchers have found is not always the case with vape juice manufactured without strict regulations. This also helps ensure that no harmful substances are used in the manufacturing process.

Established & Reputable

The vape industry is still young; within that context, it’s not a stretch to say that Vaper Empire has been in business for a while. In business since 2012, they’ve established themselves as one of Australia’s premium vape juice brands.

  • Vaping website reviewed Vaper Empire’s The Amazonian, a citrus vape juice infused with the flavours of passionfruit and mango, calling it one you will “adore” if you love orange or citrus flavours.
  • called Vaper Empire’s Strawberry “the nectar of gods, only sweeter and smoother.”
  • ranked Vaper Empire’s vape juice the best on the market.

Where to Buy Vaper Empire’s Super Tasty Vape Juice

The best place to buy Vaper Empire’s juice is directly from their store. They sell all of their vape juices directly to consumers through their online vape shop, which is also where you’ll find the rest of their vaping products. From e-cigarettes and starter kits to vape juice and vaping accessories like leather carrying cases, they have it all.

Are you new to vaping? Been vaping for a while? Regardless of what your level of experience with vaping is, you’ll find everything you need to vape at their store, plus, they have some truly godlike flavours that you should seriously try. While all of their flavours are on point, it’s their fruit flavours that we most strongly recommend trying.

Which Vape Juice Flavours Are Best?

This question is one that we run into all of the time. There’s no singular answer that applies to everyone because we don’t all appreciate the same flavours in life. For example, you might love menthol while others hate it, or you might find that tobacco vape juice is your absolute favourite, whereas others simply detest it. While we can’t say with absolute certainty that there’s one flavour that you will like more than the rest, what we can tell you is that Vaper Empire published a list of the flavours that their customers bought the most of and here’s a recap of what they found:

  1. Tobacco
  2. Menthol
  3. Tobacco RY4
  4. Blueberry
  5. Apple
  6. Vanilla
  7. Whole Leaf Tobacco
  8. Spearmint
  9. Cola
  10. Coffee

The one that stands out to us is cola. Why? Because it’s a flavour that we’re all familiar with, yet many of us have never tried to vape it. After testing it, we can confidently tell you that it’s pretty much amazing. So if you enjoy the drinkable soda version, then it’s one you must try.

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