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Vaper Empire Viggo Pod Vape Review

Pod vapes are super convenient and they work really well but they’re not all good. Some of them leak, some of them just plain suck, and some of them, like the Viggo, are exceptional. But is the Viggo the right pod vape for you or is there something else that you should be using instead? That’s the question that we’re here to help you answer today with this review so if you want to know if it’s the best vape for you then by all means keep on reading.

Your In-Depth Viggo Vape Review

The Viggo is one of the vapes that just works. We have no complaints about this compact and simple vape. The pod flavours are awesome, the juice is made to EU standards (TPD compliant), it’s super small, it has three voltage settings so you can adjust it as you see fit, and it’s wonderfully simple to use. But the best part is the vapour. Its oh-so-glorious vapour is perfect. Want one? You can buy a Viggo pod vape starter kit online here.

What does a Viggo vape kit come with? It comes with everything. There’s a battery charger, the vape itself, and prefilled pods (which means it comes with vape juice.)

Nicotine salts and Crazy Good Flavours

Vaper Empire is the company that makes the Viggo and they’ve been in the vape business for a really long time, making a name for themselves with high-end vape juices and devices. They’re not the cheapest but they’re definitely one of the best. The pods that they make for the Viggo are prefilled with their own juice and the juice is ridiculously good.

There are a lot of flavours of pods offered, including more than one type of tobacco, fruits like apple and blueberry, and even desserts like creamy custard. You can find all of the pod flavours that they have for the Viggo on their website. You can also order pods (and vapes) straight from their website and they’ll ship them directly to you.

You can buy pods for the Viggo without nicotine but most of you probably want them with nicotine. It’s pretty typical for pod vapes to use nicotine salts and that’s exactly what the Viggo uses, but unlike most prefilled pods we’ve seen, the Viggo’s aren’t 5% strength. Who really needs that anyways? It’s as if vape manufacturers think every vaper needs crazy strong juice when the reality is that not everyone does. So instead of 5% what they offer is 3% strength, which is a lot more reasonable if you ask us.

Does 3% nicotine hit the spot? It does.

Plenty of Puffs in Each Vape Pod

A single pod, which is sold three-to-a-pack, has 1.8ml of vape juice inside. That’s enough for more than 600 puffs. How long will that last you? It depends. Do you vape constantly? If you do, it’ll probably last you at least a day. If you’re more of a casual vaper then you’re looking at multiple days or even weeks.

One scientific study found that daily vapers who exclusively use e-cigarettes (meaning they don’t smoke) vaped an average of 365 puffs per day. Based on this, a Viggo pod with its 600 puffs is going to last for nearly two days. But that’s just one study and the average that they found isn’t going to dictate how much you use your vape so just keep that in mind when you’re trying to figure out how long a pod will last you.

The smart thing to do is to carry a spare pod in your pocket so you don’t have to worry about running out. The ones for the Viggo are packaged nicely so there’s a really low chance that they’ll leak in your pocket. The ends are sealed with caps and they’re also taped shut so the likelihood of them leaking vape juice in your pocket is slim to none by our estimate.

The Viggo is Great for Beginners

Vaping can be difficult to get started with if the first vape you buy is a vape mod that’s outrageously complex for a newbie. None of the vapes that Vaper Empire makes are hard to use. They keep it simple, which is good if you’re a new vaper. Really good, in fact. Even something as simple as priming your coils isn’t necessary when you’re using prefilled pods like the ones that go with the Viggo. Because they’re prefilled and already primed, all you need to do is pop one into the device and start vaping. Getting started doesn’t get any easier than that.

The voltage can be changed but you don’t actually need to change it to get started. You can mess around with that later once you’ve had a chance to use it, which is what you’re going to want to do anyways because you really need to see how the vapour is before you bother making any adjustments. You’ll probably find, like we did, that it works great on any voltage setting so it’s not really something that you’ll ever need to mess with unless you want to mess with it but that’s up to you. If changing the voltage is something that you’re interested in then you should take a look at this guide we published that explains how voltage, among other things like vape juice and airflow, can affect your vapour.

Charging the Battery is Fast and Easy

Even charging the Viggo is easy, which is pretty much the standard with most vapes these days. You just plug the USB cord in and boom, it’s charging. No fuss there but when is there? Well, there used to be. You might not realize it but in the early days of e-cigarettes, there were times when you had to screw your vape into a charger because it was threaded, which usually meant detaching the cartridge from the battery so it could be recharged. Those days sucked and the vapes back then were basically complete garbage, only they weren’t because they worked and delivered vapour instead of smoke, making them valuable despite the fact that they were poorly designed by the standards of today. But back to charging the Viggo, there’s another huge win for it in the time it takes to recharge, which is about 60 minutes. That’s fast for how long the 400mAh battery lasts, in case you don’t realize.

The battery, for reference, lasts about a day. Sometimes not quite and other times longer. It just depends on how much use it’s getting. This brings us to our suggestion for anyone who wants to use the Viggo as the main vape: buy a spare and keep it charged.

These are the Best Viggo Flavours

We’ve been enjoying the Viggo for years and have tested all of the flavours of pods that are available for it. The blueberry really surprised us because it’s not a standard blueberry vape juice, it’s more like a dessert flavour. It’s really good but you probably shouldn’t expect a simple fruit flavour because you’re probably going to feel like it tastes more like some sort of incredible blueberry candy.

Another flavour that really surprised us was the “watermelon mints” because we don’t even like watermelon but it’s super good. Luscious is probably the best word to describe it. It’s like dripped in juicy watermelon goodness when you smell it but then it really catches you off guard when you taste it because it actually has a lot more of a mint component than you anticipate when you first smell it.

The tobacco flavours are really good but we don’t really care much for tobacco flavours these days, which is apparently common with a lot of vapers who switch from smoking to vaping as they, like us, eventually move away from tobacco flavours and onto sweeter options like fruits and desserts. That said, the “caramel tobacco” is really good.

The flavour that we like best is apple. It’s simple but it’s perfect. It’s a little sweet, it’s a little tart, and it’s something that just keeps you coming back. The aroma is stupendous. The taste is unbelievably good. It’s one of those flavours that you can vape day in and day out without ever getting tired of it. But you might want to vape it constantly because you could end up with vapers tongue so it’s better to switch between different flavours occasionally. As a runner-up of sorts, we really like the “berry crush” pods because who doesn’t love berries and menthol?

So that you can read our preferred flavours a little easier, here’s a list of our top three:

  1. Apple
  2. Berry Crush
  3. Orange Crush

Don’t let the similarity between the berry and orange crush fool you because they’re nothing alike. The berry is berries and menthol but the orange is like the fizzy soda and it’s wonderfully correct. It’s actually one of the few soda flavours of vape juice that we’ve tried and enjoyed, and we’ve tried a lot of them over the years. But if you want our advice, get a Viggo vape and then order a 3-month kit of pods for it that comes with eight packs of pods so you can try a bunch of different flavours for yourself. That’s the real way to figure out what’s good because what’s good is subjective so what we like isn’t necessarily going to be what you like. You actually save a lot of money when you buy a 3-month kit instead of ordering individual packs so that’s something to remember if you end up buying a Viggo.

If you want to see what we think of the other vapes we’ve tested and reviewed, check out our other vape reviews here on our website.

Should You Buy a Viggo Vape?

Vaper Empire hit a home run with the Viggo. It’s one of the best pod vapes ever. It’s convenient, portable, works super well, doesn’t leak, and the flavours are top-notch. We love it. We’d share ours with you but sharing vapes is gross. Go buy your own from their online vape store.

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